Brand Spotlight: Clod & Pebble

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Introduction: My search for a mug


Whenever I used to open the cupboard at home to make a cup of tea, staring back at me would be a collection of mismatched mugs. The old Whinnie the Pooh mug... the free promotional mug from Continental tyres... the Pirates of the Caribbean mug, with Jack Sparrow's face ruined by his first wash in the dishwasher...


As someone who values design and aesthetics, and who also has a borderline addiction to tea (yes I am British), I swore to myself that when I had the opportunity to start fresh and pick out everything for my own house, I would choose very carefully and deliberately. Even down to my mugs.


Especially down to my mugs! Tea is a serious business, don't you know? If you ever worked in an office and took the tea and coffee orders when it was your round, you know that we brits are very particular about our cuppa. Hence, I decided that when it came to choosing a mug for the new house I would embark upon some hygge, and find one that when drinking from, would make me savour and appreciate the moment. With our new house move on the horizon and the shopping list growing, I began the hunt for my hygge mugge.


 My Clod & Pebble mug | Image by Moose+Marble |   See this mug  

My Clod & Pebble mug | Image by Moose+Marble | See this mug 


Clod & Pebble


I found just what I was looking for. Believe me, I spent a long time refining my search and scrolling through results. Eventually I was led to the work of Christopher Viviani and his shop, Clod & Pebble; a collection of beautifly rustic, artisan handmade wood and ceramic wares producted in Craigie, Scotland.


I instantly fell in love with this shop. Boasting stunning product photography and a minimal, rustic look, Clod & Pebble's wares would easily be at home in an issue of Kinfolk magazine. 


 My Clod & Pebble mug | Image by Moose+Marble |   See this mug  

My Clod & Pebble mug | Image by Moose+Marble | See this mug 


Each piece is handmade and therefore unique, and even made from ethically sourced materials. The catch for me was that I needed my handmade mug to be dishwasher safe; thankfully it does state this in the listings, and I can safely say that my new mug has passed the test!


Not only do the products look fantastic, but I found the price to be a real winner too. For something I knew I would treasure, I was prepared to spend extra for something extra special. I found a fair few shops selling some stunning pieces, but even with my extra budget I couldn't justify paying their prices, especially when I have a whole house to shop for. Clod & Pebble came in right where I was thinking, and the mug I bought is listed at £18.00 with £3.30 UK shipping. They do ship internationally.


Click here to go to the listing for same mug I purchased.

 Image by Clod & Pebble |   See this spoon rest  

Image by Clod & Pebble | See this spoon rest 


What I like best about Clod & Pebble


I definitely love that they are British made, but I'd have to say my favourite thing is the design of their products. It clear that Christopher has taken a lot of care in designing something that strikes just the right balance between function and aesthetics.


My mug is a really unusual shape and nestles nicely in two hands, making the experience of drinking my tea all the more cosy. I'm also in love with the spoon rests; they have such a simple but beautiful form and finish. It's currently on my new house shopping list.

 Image by Clod & Pebble |   See this soap dish    

Image by Clod & Pebble | See this soap dish 


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