Brand Overhaul

Two of my worst habits are 1) being a perfectionist, and 2) changing my mind often. Hand in hand, they are a recipe for disaster when it comes to being creative and productive!

Having said that, when I created my brand, I knew that I would later change my mind about the design (as I always do) and decided it was more important to just get going and fill my shop with actual products. And, so I did! Also, you may have noticed that there hasn't been a lot going on on the blog for quite some time, with a measly 2 posts over the summer - that's because I've been super busy trying to build up Pinterest and Instagram (no kidding, it's time consuming!) which has led to more traction with my shop [HORAY 😄].

So being me, it was only natural that I decided now was the right time for a brand overhaul. I'm really happy with it, but would love to know what you guys think too. It encompasses the same style I'm actually curating for my wardrobe now that I've had a major clear out. So take a look at the branding graphic I created below and if you give it thumbs up, please pin to your boards!

[SIDE NOTE] - I'm also in the process of moving my entire life from the UK temporarily to Portugal on the 18th November 2017, and finally on to Austria in May 2018. So it's pretty hectic but I am aiming to give some more juice to the blog in the coming weeks! Stay tuned.